43 Yearling Ewes were Sold

23 Ewe Lambs​ - Born in March 2017 were sold

26 Mature Ewes were Sold --

16 of these ewe lambs were born as twins and 7 are triplets.  

10 are 100%, 5 are 94%, 7 are 87.5% and 1 is 75%.  

These ewes were bred in late Fall 2017 for Spring 2018 lambing.  

As of Sept 7,2017 all the 26 mature ewes listed above are available.  Price depends on quantity purchased and the percentage(s) chosen.   Call or text 518-935-0923 with questions or to arrange a visit

It should be noted that our emphasis has been on meat production.  We have approached our shift to hair sheep from two angles.  We began by breeding our Dorset/Texel crosses to purebred Katahdin rams to bring the heavy muscling from our wool sheep forward.  We also  purchased purebred Katahdin ewes early on in our transition.  As one looks over our flock, it is often difficult to differentiate between the percentages and the purebreds. Occasionally, there will be some hair retention by the percentages.  We have a good record in our flock for multiple birth as well as good growth in our management system to sell 65 - 70 pound lambs.  

At lambing we collect the key statistics to use in evaluating which ewes stay in our flock and which offspring to retain for replacements.  In 2015 we began participating in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) under which we submit data into a database for ongoing statistical analysis to get a better understanding of the genetics behind our flock, which would allow us to further refine our selection process.  

These 26 mature ewes lambed in March of 2017.  The statistics for them are as follows:  one set of quadsseven sets of triplets  and  18 sets of twins.

​This represents a 235% lamb crop - 61 lambs from 26 ewes!

These 43 yearlings were born late in April and through May of 2016.  They were raised separate from the flock of mature ewes so as to assure that they continued to grow and develop good body structure to facilitate a positive lambing experience for their first time.  

These ewes were split into four breeding groups and exposed to four rams for one month in February 2017 to lamb in June of 2017.  

The 43 ewes that lambed break out by percentage Katahdin as follows:  29 are 100%;  2 are 94%;  10 are 87.5% and 2 are 75%

The 43 ewes produced 6 sets of twins and 37 singles.    All these young ewes have done an outstanding job in raising their first lambs.  

As with the mature ewes, the pricing depends on the quantity purchased and the percentage Katahdin chosen.  

Call or text 518-935-0923 with questions or to arrange a visit.