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Nagimor  Katahdin Sheep

NagimorDog Boarding Kennels

We currently have seven (7) dogs of our own (1 Papillons, 2 Border Collies, 2 Maremmas  1 Akbash and an Entlebucher ).  We enjoy their companionship and assistance. 

The personal experiences with the dogs living with us along with many years of operating dog boarding kennels has given Nancy an in-depth understanding of the  personalities of the various breeds.  She has developed a keen sense of how dogs act in different circumstances.  

Our experiences with dogs began with a Rottweiler early in our married life.  We bred, raised and trained Rottweilers for several years.  As our flock of sheep grew, livestock guardian dogs became part of the picture.  We raised several litters of Maremmas.  We found shepherding to be less stressful with the help of Boarder Collies.  When our daughter went off to college, Nancy took a liking to Papillons.  She acquired a pair and has raised three litters.  Currently, we are enjoying a new member of our family - Sherlock - who is an Entlebucher Sennenhund or Entlebucher Mountain Dog.  This is the smallest of the Swiss Mountain Dogs.

When we were married some 36 years ago, we received a rather unique wedding gift - two bred ewes.  In addition to many other farm species, sheep have been a part of our lives for the duration.   We are transitioning from wool sheep to hair sheep - Katahdins.  Our flock  now consists of 100 breeding ewes and 4 breeding rams.

Gil grew up on a hill farm in Schoharie County, New York and maintained his interest in farming throughout his college years and his professional life.  He took on a supporting role as Nancy pursued her interests in breeding and raising farm animals. 

With Nancy's lifelong interest in animals, she sought a degree in Horse Husbandry from SUNY Cobleskill and went on to obtain her Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut.

We both grew up in a rural settings having animals of one species or another.  In our earlier years, our dogs were truly our best friends.         

Nancy and Gil Chichester.